Wednesday, June 26, 2013

EVOLUTION OF MY MOOKAS Part 4: Mooka as strings

In the last 2 weeks, I have a few more innovations to the Mooka tangle.   One was to decorate the swollen heads on the ends of the fronds. This leaves room for numerous embellishments:

A second innovation was to use the tangle known as "fescu" to represent the mooka seen at a great distance:

Have you ever thought of using a tangle as a string?  For example, use Mooka to divide the area of the tile. Next, fill in the space inside the tangle:

Another way is to use the string (Mooka) to divide the tile, then to  decorate the external areas of the ATC or ZT card.  

I found out that if you try to do both, decorate both inside and outside of the Mooka itself, you lose the Mooka in the artwork. I personally feel the Mooka needs to be emphasized in either case.

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