TANGLES used to decorate things other than 3-1/2 inch square tiles. These can be anything from hats to shoes, belts, scarves, bottles, statues, cups, tumblers, human skin (tattoos), statuettes, jewelry, They also include post cards, birthday cards, occasion cards, cakes, cupcakes, walls, doors, or anything else.:

These are all other items which have been decorated with tangles and the Zentangling process. Nearly any item with blank space on its surface may be tangled.  Some of the things that have been tangled are:
  • Tennis shoes, Baseball hats, Sun hats, T-shirts, Belt Buckles, Leather Belts, Scarves
  • Coffee cups. Coffee cups with inserts. Drinking Tumblers with inserts, Coasters
  • Jewelry: Earrings. Pendents. Rings. 
  • Picture frames, Trays, Boxes (cardboard, wood, plastic), bird houses, 
  • Automobiles, Watermelons, Pumpkins, gourds, eggs (especially around Easter)
  • Piggy banks from recycled beverage bottles
  • Notebooks, Book covers, 
  • Anything with f somewhat flat, blank space on it <smile>
As I said, just about anything that has a relatively flat space that is undecorated is fair game for tangling.


Christmas Cards

Postal Cards
Heavy Duty Aluminum foil, chased and glued on postal card. 8-13.

Post card: In the basement 8-8-13

Tangled Sun Hat
Tangled in Feb. Worn all summer, so far. Has been washed in the washing machine, several times.

Tangled Wooden decoration from Walmart

Decorated Duck and Chicken eggs for Easter, 2013

Candy Box covered as a Zentangle box

Schwann's Shrimp box covered as a Zentangle box 
(all 6 sides shown)

Child's First Bank

Small Milk Bottle Bank

Adult's Bank made from a creamer bottle:

Another creamer bank:

Corner bookmark - slips on corner of the page friction holds it in place.

3 regular bookmarks:

A tangled motivation board:


  1. I see you r as hooked on Zentangle as I am and you have
    started a blog.That is so cool. I just make cards and have wondered about how to share.A blog..Hmmmm I like your art..and admire your focus.Keep it up.

  2. Thank you, ksuzy. I just can't help it! LOL