ZENTANGLE is a new art form developed by Maria  Thomas and Rick  Roberts.  You can visit their website to find out all about Zentangle(click on the blue links):

 Where can you find Zentangle patterns (called tangles)?

  • The 'official' tangle site: TANGLE PATTERNS which is maintained by Linda Farmer, CZT  You will find not only the patterns, but the step-out instructions for creating each one. (Step-out means step-by-step, one-line-at-a-time).  There is a tremendous amount of information on this site, including videos, and tutorials. This is a good place to start if you are new to tangling.


Like most specific technical areas, there are many words  with specific uses in Zentangle.  Some of these are: tiles, tangles, Zentangles, deconstruct, tangleations, etc.  There are a few abbreviations in use, as well: ATC, CZT, ZIA,   All of these and more are in the official glossary at the zentangle website.  Click on the "Zentangle terminology" above to visit that glossary.

What is and where can you find a "certified zentangle teacher" or a class?

A Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) is a person who has completed the zentangle instructor's course taught by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, personally.  CZTs are now found around the world. A listing of the worldwide CZTs by country is kept on the zentangle website. The listing for the USA is by state.  Check out your local CZTs website or blog for information about classes.

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