Thursday, July 18, 2013

EVOLUTION OF MY MOOKAS Part 5: Sporulation

In the last few weeks, a lot has happened. Continuing along the line things had been developing, Something new has developed.  I had been working along the lines of the Mooka having reproductive capabilities.  Along those lines, I started thinking about when the plant became mature and would release its 'spores'.  The first attempts looked something like this:
First attempt at spores.

 I decided I wanted to show a few of the swollen ends of the fronds rupturing to release the spores (not seeds).  I ended playing with the ends to see what looked the best.  I also wanted to play with the 'spores' to see what worked.  I went through a whole series of changes:

This one is closest to what I envisioned.!
I finally settled on a rounded, poppy-like thingy opening. The best page in my book showing this is here:
 I also decided that when the swelling burst, the 'spores' should shoot out and away, like the seeds in a Bird of Paradise plant.  But, how could I show that in a static picture?  Finally, I decided to try to use something I used to see in comic books, some trailing lines that get smaller as you move away from the thing in motion. That meant it would look something like:

Well, tonight I started playing around with this idea. I have several examples.  One nice thing about this is it can be used to fill a fairly large space.  The Mooka at the bottom or side, and the spores shooting everywhere to fill the area!

Notice one of the swellings has "rupture lines" where it will split.

I am now satisfied with the concept. Now, I need to play with it in zentangles to see how it works for real. Until next time, enjoy.
Millie g.