HOW TO . . .

HOW TO . . .

This page is dedicated to short instructions on how to do surprising and sometimes necessary things.

  • How do you keep needlepoint pens from clogging?
  • How to unclog a Micron Pigma pen
  • Unclog a gel pen:
  • Unclog Rapidograph pens
  • How to straighten a paper clip
  • How to OPEN a stuck CD, DVD, ROM drive: 

  • Upcoming ideas:

    How to. . . 
    •  print common symbols (copyright, trademark, degrees, hearts, spades, etc)t
    •  create your own scratchboard
    • "tie-dye" with sharpie pens
    • re-start dried up pen
    • re-start clogged needlepoint pens (like microns)
    • temporarily extend the life of a felt-tipped pen (sharpie, etc_
    • resharpen worn stumps and tortillons
    • make your own small stumps and tortillons
    • get a few more pages printed from an "empty" cartridge in an emergency
    • etc.
    I am also "taking orders".  Is there something you want to know how to do? Ask me and I will see what I can do.

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